Chicago Community Kollel
Cordially invites you to join us for the

Thirty Third Annual Banquet

Sunday, November 23, 2014      5:30 PM      Midwest Conference Center      401 West Lake St, Northlake, Illinois


Marbitzei Torah Awardees

Rabbi Menachem Fine
RabbiMenachem Fine
Distinguished Rabbinic
Rabbi Yonatan Glenner
RabbiYonatan Glenner
Distinguished Mechaber

Honorary Banquet Chairmen:

  • Rabbi Sidney Glenner
  • Mr. David Friedman
  • Dr. Michael Friedman
  • Rabbi Yochanan Friedman
  • Mr. Robert Hartman
  • Mr. Ronny Shabat
  • Mr. Lennie Weiss

Banquet Chairmen:

  • Mr. Daniel Glenner
  • Rabbi Chaim Rajchenbach
  • Mr. Shua Ray
  • Mr. Nancy Shabat

Banquet Co-Chairmen:

  • Mr. Mendy Berger
  • Mr. Nesanel Davis
  • Mr. Yehoshua Davis
  • Mr. Yankie Feiler
  • Mr. Shimon Fink
  • Mr. Benzie Friedman
  • Mr. Eliyahu Glenner
  • Mr. Yoel Goldberg
  • Mr. David Hartman
  • Mr. Benjy Israel
  • Mr. Ami Robinson
  • Rabbi David Weinschneider

Banquet Coordinators

  • Mrs. Huvie Feiler
  • Mrs. Lisa Friedman
  • Mrs. Mindy Lebovics
  • Mrs. Chaya Tova Hartman

Adbook Chairwomen

  • Mrs. Estie Israel
  • Mrs. Karen Polatsek
  • Mrs. Shoshana Shabat


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